MIL4Peace Project
Instagram, What’s App, television, video games, music videos…. Media play a more and more dominant role in youth’s lives all around the globe. It’s important for young people to be able to access and use different forms of media, but also to analyze and reflect on media critically:

| How is a well-researched and balanced news report done?

| What is propaganda?

| What is good behavior on the Internet?

| How do we deal with cyber-bullying?

| Or even hate speech?

Media literate youth understand how media affects the society they live in – and they also learn how to create and disseminate their own media content. Today, youth can create and share their own texts, photographs, video clips, and podcasts and disseminate them to a wide audience easily– this can be incredibly empowering! But it’s also easy to misuse the power. Therefore, youth need to be trained in Media and Information Literacy (MIL).
In the MIL4Peace Project young people acquire critical thinking and non-violent communication skills and are encouraged to produce media content that promotes peace in the society they live in. And they also learn how to produce different forms of media.

MIL4Peace consists:

Mainly young people living in Lebanon
but also:
4 partners: Deutsche Welle AkademiePermanent Peace MovementMedia and Digital Literacy Academy of BeirutJesus and Mary school have joined efforts to make this three years long project successful and sustainable. The project is funded by the European Union and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
8 direct beneficiaries: four participating schools: Al Kawthar school, Chihim public high school, Jesus and Mary school, Rachaya public high school.
4 participating grass-root organizations: Al Abjidiyah (Bekaa), Nuon (Bekaa), Beit al Adab (Tripoli), Utopia (Tripoli).

Cooperation Partners

PPM Logo
An NGO that works on building peace and transforming/preventing conflicts. It also strives to empower individuals and institutions enabling them to play their respective roles in this field.

MDLAB aims to advance digital and media literacy education in the Arab region by training a generation of teachers and scholars and developing locally rooted curricula. MDLAB offers students and academics a unique opportunity to study media and digital literacy with leading Arab and international experts during its annual summer session.
See: www.mdlab.center


A private Lebanese Catholic school that works on enhancing the social values of its pupils, understanding and respecting human rights, with a strong emphasis on MIL.
See: www.jmrab.edu.lb/

DW Akademie

Germany´s leading institution for international media development supports the development of free and transparent media, quality journalism, and also offer programs to boost media skills.
See: www.dw-akademie.de

Funded by

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