MDLAB 2018

Highlights from the MDLAB of 2018. More Details and all images at the great website peersbigbrother.jimdofree.com

My Story

Watch: Production of school students at MDLAB 2016

Behind the scenes of the no hate speech campaign

Watch: Production of school students at MDLAB 2017

Jesus & Mary school


Rashaya High School



Watch how more than 40 students from three Lebanese schools celebrate Media and Information Literacy at the #MIL4Peace kick off. Students of Al-Kawthar School, Rachaya. Public High School and Jesus and Mary School presented their videos, picture stories and articles on #MIL, and announced their commitment to the code of ethics they had previously developed with support of DW Akademie.

Watch the latest #MIL4Peace (Media and Information Literacy) activity in Lebanon. Syrian girls and boys living in the Bekaa valley presented videos, role plays and picture stories on #MIL and had a lot of fun with their families and representatives of local NGOs and municipality. The youth from Abjadiya and Nuon/Dammeh were supported by DW Akademie.

Utopia Comic

Utopia Comic

The comic “Stories in Al-Faiha (قصص في الفيحاء)” revolves around the citizens of Al-Faiha. Their lives are one day interrupted by the arrival of aliens. The story tackles the issue of #hate_speech and empowers young people to critically rethink the impact of words. Read the whole story!
A EU-funded project “#Beyond_Radicalisation – Youth in Lebanon speak up!” developed in cooperation with young participants and UTOPIA for Social Justice.

This is what we did and who we are

Have a look: young people involved in Media and Information Literacy

Study on MIL and Radicalization

Youth and extremism through media

“Media literacy is a necessity, not a luxury” was one of the outcomes of the summer training of the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB). In the context of chronic conflict, war, and division mixed with a restless Arab youth struggling to find its footing in a tumultuous digital era, MDLAB launched its annual summer training with the theme: using media and digital literacy to counter violent extremism and youth radicalization, funded by the European Union, implemented by Deutsche Welle Akademie and supported by local partners: MDLAB, Jesus and Mary School (JM), and Permanent Peace Movement (PPM). The academy focused this year on understanding, addressing, and preventing radicalization of youth through the promotion of respect for human right, social justice, and freedom of expression. This resulted in the academy conducting a research project on media and youth radicalization in Lebanon. This document includes the outcomes of this research, as well as a summary of the academy’s accomplishments and recommendations for this year. Through this report, we hope to provide policymakers, educators, scholars, journalists, trainers, activists, and students with an overview of the situation of media literacy and media and youth radicalization in Lebanon and the region and inspire governments, civil society groups, schools, and universities to incorporate media and digital literacy curricula at the core of the Arab education system at all levels—from elementary school to graduate university education.